Butterflies in the Kitchen

“Butterflies in the Kitchen” was inspired by an old mixing bowl that sits atop a bookcase in my sewing room/studio.

I’ve had this bowl for over 50 years and an old college housemate used to make her “Claw the Oven Door Dill Bread” in it. So many great memories, smells, tastes, and good times! I love that bowl.

This fits right in with my our new soft pottery collection and I am sure there will be more along the line with this design.

“Butterflies in the Kitchen” takes me to my happy place but it can be yours. $60 plus shipping if needed. If you want it let me know.


Nine Lives


Almost every basket I make takes on a life of its own after I start. This one set a new record of starts and restarts, ripping out stitches, flipping the basket inside out and back again, two different machines, and being very close to cutting the cord and throwing the base in the trash. All of this to achieve another new look that has yet to happen but resulted in this crafty one.

Each basket kind of creates itself in its own way, and this one easily named itself “Nine Lives”. Topped with jute and a pipa knot at $65 you can add a little Boho Chic to your life. Questions or comments?

A Labor of Love

Savannah Porch Social A

Another exploration of soft pottery started with a big happy accident. We have been looking for ways to get very vertical sides to the baskets to make them taller like a vase. One way to do that is to increase the starting diameter so you can tilt them up at a right angle up and over the nose of the machine.

I made a huge starting disk and one of my machines was having fits. I thought it would be cool to have a dark thread against the natural colored rope. Since the machine was being contrary, the stitching looked horrendous. It really need to be covered with some fabric on the top and the bottom. There are a couple of ways to do this, one I don’t like and the other I hate. It was too late for the one I don’t like and I had never done the more difficult one at such a large scale. After much frustration and naughty words, I got it done and it came out pretty darn good!

I wanted the sides to just be naked rope with no fabric wrapping. It was a challenge to keep the sides smooth and consistent, more like a pottery vase and less like a basket. Barry had found some very nice dyed rope that was all cotton and consistent quality. I added some in about midway up, not really knowing at the time how tall it would become at the end.

This project was indeed an exploration and there was much collaboration between the two of us along the way. In the past, I start them, stop when I am done, leave him some rope to work with and have him finish them how he decides (with my approval of course). This time, his ideas for the finishing touches drove the design and construction along the way.

Using two colors of rope on the brim was a gamble but it worked. Barry found a single copper pipe from an old wind chime we collected in some former life and proceeded to saw, file, sand and paint it for several iterations to finally get it how he wanted it.

So, it is what is. I present to you a labor of love, “Savannah Porch Social“. Imagine sitting on your front porch sipping sweet tea and visiting with whomever walks by.

Available at $95 for a limited time at The IN Store, or just let us know.

Unique Names

As all of Bonnie Baskets are unique works of art we have felt the need to start naming them to help ourselves and our customers refer to them.

This little cutie is our first named creation, “Weavers Willow”, and is priced at $25. It incorporates some grass rope and thin jute fiber. I think it is quite “baskety”, light and airy. Interested? Let us know.

New Soft Pottery

This large basket is a new design concept for us. Think of it as “soft pottery”. We are excited about the expansion of our creative inspirations that will incorporate some skills previously developed in jewelry making.

This particular basket uses a custom made bead of forged copper inspired from a bracelet Barry made years ago. He loves getting out the blow torch and specialty hammers to creative one-of-a-kind pieces.

So far we have received very favorable comments about this large basket and are encouraged to do more. Keep checking in to where this takes us! Facebookers can Follow, Like and Share on the Bonnie Baskets page to keep updated on our journey.

Fabric Hunting While Vacationing in South Carolina

Fabric hunting while vacationing in South Carolina. Bonnie visits Sew Suite in Bluffton and Island Quilters on Hilton Head Island. Finding new inspiration along with unique fabric.

This Whole New Life is one adventure after another. When traveling she misses sewing. When sewing she misses traveling. This time we took one of her sewing machines with us to Edisto Island.

Our First Show for Spring 2024

Bonnie Baskets has just been announced as a new vendor for the Hoosier Handmade Craft Fair & Market in Franklin, Indiana at the Johnson County Fairgrounds. The event will be Saturday April 6, 2024.

The perfect time to pick up a beautiful basket for Mother’s Day!

Spring 2024

It will be a few months until Arts and Craft shows start up again. Until then I will showing and selling my baskets exclusively through The IN Store in Ellettsville, Indiana. Here are some new baskets you can only find at The IN Store.

The IN Store hours are:

Wednesday – Friday 12 – 5

Saturday 10 – 4